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WowieStar Silicone Starfish Teether Review

April 27, 2018
Wowie Star Fish Teether

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Finding a teether for your little one that is safe, effective, and well received by your baby is hard to do. After finding out that a lot of teethers on the market contain potentially cancer causing PVC, pthalates and other harmful materials I went on the hunt for a safe, American made silicone teether.

The WowieStar Silicone Starfish Teether  is available on Its price point is a little higher than most teethers on the market but, if I have learned anything in recent years, it is that you get what you pay for.

Before I purchased the WowieStar I purchased a less expensive starfish teether from a foreign retailer ($9.99). I was sorely disappointed and actually wrote a ranting review over it. It smelled so harshly of chemicals that it gave me a headache when I opened the package and its stench lingered over the kitchen table for a while. I wish I was exaggerating. There was no way I could give that mystery teether to my infant to teeth on in good conscience.

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Wowie Star Review:

I give the WowieStar Silicone Teether 5-stars. It is made in the USA with medical grade silicone. It is odorless and flavorless (mhm, I tasted it). The starfish (or sea star to be biologically correct) fits well in my child’s hands and the arms are so perfect for molars. Did I mention it was designed by avionic professionals out of Seattle? So, that’s pretty cool.


The Wowie Star is a high quality infant/toddler teether. It will definitely survive a few teething kids through the years.


The Wowie Star is designed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA.


Wowiestar is made of USA FDA certified USP VI implantable medical grade silicone- the safest rated silicone, implantable in human body for up to 28 days and designed for healthcare and human body contact applications. The manufacturing process is ISO 10993 approved and is under FDA audit annually.

The material has passed the following tests:

  • Systemic Injection Test
  • Intracutaneous Toxicity Test 
  • Intramuscular Implantation Test
  • Agar Diffusion Test
  • MEM Elution Test 
  • Hemolysis – Rabbit Blood 
  • Ames Test
  • Kilgman Maximization Test
  • Systemic Injection Test


I’m really impressed with the varying texture of the teether. The Wowiestar makes a great sensory toy in addition to teether. It is lifelike and features raised bumps, different widths across the body, and the under side of the star is smooth with ridges like you would find on a real sea star. Hey, maybe you can use this in a home school marine biology lesson too..

The WowieStar teether is available in pink or blue. I contacted WowieStar prior to publishing this review and they let me know they’re working on releasing additional colors!


The WowieStar molar teether does not have a chemical smell or taste.

Does My Child Actually Use It?

Yes! I purchased the Wowie Star teether when my son was 11 months old and he is still using it as a 2 year old. It’s the only dedicated teether he still uses. (Like all babies and toddlers, he will teeth on random household items too…)


The Wowie Star is easy to clean with soap and water. The manufacturer also states that it is safe in temperatures up to 248° F (120° C), so it can be boiled to sterilize. The WowieStar is also top rack dishwasher safe.


The WowieStar teether can be placed in the freezer and won’t harden. It can withstand temperatures as low as -41°F (-41°C). Most household freezers are set at 0°F (-18° C).

Additional Images:


  • Made in USA
  • Made of Medical Grade, Implantable Silicone
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing, fun, and perhaps educational due to its lifelike features
  • Unique design reaches erupting molars
  • Available on Amazon (hello, 2-day shipping!)


  • Higher price point (higher quality)
  • Few color options (WowieStar is working on more colors!)

I’m very pleased with the WowieStar Starfish Molar Teether and often recommend it to my friends and family. It is a high quality and high value teether; I expect it to stick around for our future teething babies. So, if you’re awake at 2am reading this review, trying to console a cranky, teething baby or looking for a quality baby shower gift, go for it!




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