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MADE IN CHINA Baby Teethers: A Cautionary Tale

May 29, 2017

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I’m embarrassed. I bought my baby a starfish molar teether from Amazon this weekend. I didn’t think twice about where it was manufactured: China. I saw “100% food grade silicone and purchased it out of desperation and sleep deprivation. I chose the most reputable looking brand but my half assed attempt still fell short. 

The starfish teether arrived today and I ripped the package open in excitement. This could be the relief he and I are both looking for! My excitement quickly dissipated when I was overwhelmed with the teether’s foul chemical odor. There is no way I could sleep at night knowing my baby is soaking up whatever toxins seeping out of that teether.

I’ve heard of horror stories about Chinese manufacturers asking businesses what they wanted their labels to say (100% organic or BPA free) without regulation. I’m trying to dig up as much as I can on the subject but for now, here’s a little reading material if you don’t believe me.  

The AILAMS starfish teether claims to be medical grade, food safe non-toxic silicone, and BPA free but common sense tells me otherwise. 

It looks like AILAMS just threw in some regulation words at random without any truth to them…

I’m returning the stinky starfish and replacing it with a Made in USA WowieStar teether. You can buy one here for $15.99. 

From the WowieStar website:

“WowieStar is proudly made of USA FDA certified class USP VI medical-grade silicone – the safest rated silicone, implantable in human body for up to 28 days and designed for healthcare and human body contact applications. The color is part of material and meets safety standard as well.

It is also BPA free, phthalate free and latex free, as well as freezer, dishwasher and boiling-water safe (-40F to +248F / -40C to +120C). This material does not stiffen or deform after being placed in the freezer.”

I have purchased the banana toothbrush teether (made in USA) and have had no qualms about it so I hope the same for the WowieStar. 

It’s upsetting that companies would rather turn a profit than produce a safe product. The WowieStar is more than I’d like to spend on a chew toy but if that’s the price to pay for a safe teething product then so be it. You can’t put a price on our little one’s health (and my sanity). 


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