What’s In My Amazon Cart | July 2018

July 24, 2018

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Here are my current Amazon fave’s for the month of July

Bio Ray Happy Natural Detox Formula Herbal Drops

I’m trying to detox my toddler from parasites. I’ve just only skimmed the surface of this morbidly fascinating topic. I’ll save you the details, but I think this stuff is working. I really appreciate the binders in the formula to aid in proper detoxing.

(The Amazon link doesn’t have a lot of info on the product but here is the product website for an in depth explanation of the detox formula).

The Parasite Menace

I’m becoming increasingly fascinated and disgusted by parasites in our bodies. I suspect my toddler has intestinal parasites (actually, I’ve since learned that we all do) and ridding his body of parasites in a safe manner has become my current obsession. Send all your info my way if you have any!

Coral Kids Fluoride Free Toothpaste in Berry Bubblegum

Coral Kids toothpaste is glycerin free and contains calcium derived from farmed coral and other minerals needed to remineralize teeth and balance mouth pH. It’s one of the only glycerin free toothpastes I’ve found. Weston really loves the flavor and I like the minimal ingredients.

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